Friday, August 17, 2012

The Good, Bad and the Ugly. God is still God and He is Good!

Well I'm not even entirely sure what I want to write about, but I do know that I am in desperate need of some spiritual unpacking, so I'm just gonna type, and see what evolves.
So, for those of you who don't know, Eric and I stepped out in faith on a journey that only God knows where will lead. The one thing we did know, is that it was to begin by being a part of Lifesong Church in Manchester Ct. & considering the only life we've ever known has been in SC, we had a little ways to go. So, we sold our house (to my brother and sister-in-law, how cool is that??) and packed everything we owned(including two puppies and a cat), and headed out. Let me just tell you now that “stepping out in faith” is not a simple calling.
But, none-the-less, we are here!! Praise the Lord, we are actually here!! What does that look like?? Well I’m not entirely sure. Right this minute it looks like a family of five, with three four-legged pets, and a fish named male, snugly tucked into a studio six extended stay motel room..ever so ”patiently” waiting for our next step. But you wanna know what the coolest part of this story is?? That it doesn't matter where we're living!! It doesn't matter that Eric is not gainfully employed as of yet, or that we can only see a very very small portion of the jigsaw puzzle of our life. What does matter is that God is still God through it all, and that He is at work here!!
In the, just over two weeks, that we've been here... we have met several people who seem anxious to make connections with others. We have had the opportunity to share bits of our story with these cool people, and have seen their eye's light up at the news of Lifesong Manchester & we are seeing ways to begin to invest in their lives. We have seen our, sweet 5 year old girl, draw people of all ages in with a spirit of love like no other. We have & continue to experience great leadership through our pastor Tim, & I have had the opportunity to see what a Godly wife looks like in Lynn.
This crazy, beautiful expedition so far has been good, bad, ugly, great, painful, amazing, tearful, joyful, trying, overwhelming, mountain-top high, valley low, patient-testing, fast, slow, up and down and about every other adjective that you can think of. But God is still God and He is GOOD, and that's enough for me!

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